Armed Forces and Auctus

The British Armed Forces, with the help of Auctus Management Group limited, RSS INFRASTRUCTURE (RSS) Limited and INFRA Skills limited (ATS) have delivered a joint initiative that will look to inspire a new generation of industry leaders and provide them with the essential skills required to obtain a successful career and reduce the youth unemployment figures within the West Midlands and to bolster the aging workforce which is becoming a significant problem for the Rail Industry.

On the 19th October, Auctus Management Group Limited and it’s subsidiary companies, provided both local College students and Job Seekers with a taste of the kind of occupations that they can expect if they were to start a career within the Rail Industry. Key members of the Track Warning Systems team provided first-hand knowledge on the benefits of both the Magnetic Barrier Fencing and the Automatic Track Warning system (ATWS) as well as training on how to set up the industry-leading safety technology.

The ATS Trainers and Army Lieutenants helped to encourage the learners to develop their lateral thinking, team-building as well as communication skills. In order to achieve this ATS and RSS setup a series of different tasks which asked the learners to mark the safe area on track using the Magnetic Barrier Fencing within 3 minutes by attaching the easy-to-use magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, as well as quickly dismantling the apparatus in order to hand-back possession. The second part of the task was to deploy the ATWS system so that it automatically detects on-coming trains and provides workers with sufficient time to get into the CESS (safe area).

The learners expressed how they improved a number of their personal attributes that enabled them to interact effectively and ultimately allowed them to become a more productive member of the team, thus providing them with those essential skills required for the workplace.

Furthermore, all of the participants who took part expressed an interest in joining the rail industry and potentially moving on to either start their journey through a NVQ Level 2 or 3 Rail Apprenticeship with Auctus Apprenticeship Training Agency Limited or by achieving the required qualifications, i.e. Personal Track Safety course with Track Induction, through INFRA Skills Limited.

This initiative is the start of a programme that will hopefully change the landscape of the job market within the West Midlands by providing young people with oppourtunities that will shape their careers for year to come as well as to become part of one of the UK’s fastest growing industries.

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Armed Forces and Auctus

Armed Forces and Auctus