``RSSI is committed to the development and continued growth of OLE Linesman to ensure that our workforce has the competency to deliver the required infrastructure upgrade and maintenance programmes across the rail network. We endeavour to provide our clients with teams of competent and driven individuals to meet their needs.``

Richard Egan - Head of OLE

Exceeding The Industry Standard

Our OLE Division specialises in delivering highly-skilled, professional personnel, including Safety Critical Staff. We work in collaboration with our clients on both short and long term projects to ensure we meet our customers’ objectives.

The company is committed to creating opportunities within the sector that help to strengthen an industry that is currently suffering from skills shortages and an aging workforce. To achieve this, we are currently working alongside the approved plant supplier community and invested significantly in developing a learning programme specifically tailored for OLE staff and Track Workers, this ensures that we can continue to exceed our customers expectations.


OLE Construction

Inline with our commitment to reduce the industries skills-gap, RSS are offering bespoke teams to fulfil numerous activities within the OLE construction industry.With access to the approved plant suppliers, we can support new & existing works in numerous AC (OLEMI, Series 1, Series 2) and DC (Tramway and Railway 3rd Rail/ OLE) systems, as well as ancillary 11/33kV HC supply, site surveys and investigations and yard/ material management.

Consulting & Engineering Support

To support our clients requirements, we can supply anything from knowledgeable field & project engineers to senior support staff.

With experience in different AC & DC systems from across the world, we are able to offer order support to focus and deliver practiced and innovative solutions to common and complex project issues. Our exposure across the industry means that we are well poised to look outside the box and provide the best solutions


Project Management

Our mission is to ensure that our clients can reach practical completion in time and within budget.We can assist with all aspects of project management, with teams designed to deliver an experienced knowledge base across numerous contract arrangements and processes. In order to create a comprehensive solution, our package also provides clients with exclusive access to a wealth of experience derived from our Safety Critical staff and our LOWS, ATWS & Signalling teams.

Delivery Support

In order to ensure full control over the calibre of workers that we deliver to our clients we have taken the important decision to primary sponsor all personnel. Our workforce also benefit from full Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE), competency training and tools & small plant training. Furthermore, if the client requires specialist tools to complete the works then these can be made available. Our clients and workers are also able to gain additional out of hours support through our in-house 24 hour, 365 days a year OLE Technical Support hot-line. This service means that any issue is dealt with quickly by our rapid response team ensuring peace of mind for both our workforce and clients.