An effective corporate philosophy helps to strengthen relationships between a company and it’s stakeholders. This notion has been a cornerstone of RSS and has been the foundation by which our culture, values and vision have been created.

We Live Our Values Everyday

Our values help to shape the culture here at RSS INFRASTRUCTURE. They are the forces that we embody everyday which enable us to provide excellent service to our stakeholders. Expand the tabs below to discover more about how we live our values everyday.


Without continued innovation we cannot grow as a company. As part of this endeavor we have invested heavily in creating a culture that rewards our workforce for demonstrating resourcefulness and ingenuity which has resulted in a company that is flexible and can easily adapt to changes.


Since 2007 we have always acted on a fair, ethical and open basis in all that we do. Our workforce are encouraged to always challenge those actions of people who may be acting inappropriately, especially when it comes to safety. We also foster a work environment that requires our workforce to be accountable for failures as well as success, and to not allocate blame to others.


We use our energy, skills and resources to ensure that new ideas are given a the space to develop and through the interconnectivity of people ideas are able to flourish and deliver sustainable results that benefit all stakeholders.


We are driven by the need to put our clients and workers at the centre of what we do. We take the time to understand clients’ and workers’ needs in order to ensure that we always exceed expectations and provide solutions that incorporate the perspectives of all our stakeholders.


Here at RSS, we continue to strive to shape a better future. This is why we focus on developing our personnel so that we can hone their skills to ensure that remain the best in class and retain our accolade of being ‘leaders in our field.’


In order to be a successful company it is important to play a positive and proactive role in society, this is why we look to engage with all of our clients, workers and members of the community. Through this engagement, we have a unique opportunity to enhance Britain’s economic and social well-being through our expertise and experience.


We are passionate about delivering high quality, cost effective service that exceeds expectations and delivers on our promises.