RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) have established a reputation within the Arboriculture sector for providing highly skilled personnel who can deliver an extensive portfolio of vegetation services throughout the Midlands East/West and across the UK Rail Infrastructure.

The Arboriculture department was approached by the Midland Metro Alliance to clear 11km of dense and overgrown vegetation, as part of their 10-year project to transform the West Midlands integrated transport system.


The RSSI Arb teams began by scoping the worksite and identified that in order to dismantle a number of large trees located on high embankments a technical tree rigging technique would need to be used and due to the location of the trees RSSI personnel would be required to interface directly with 3rd party land owners.

In order to ensure positive stakeholder relations within the local community, the company conducted a postal campaign before the commencement of the works to inform those affected of the pending works and noise levels. During the company induction each member of the workforce was educated on the organisation’s ethos and the appropriate manner in which to interact with members of the public. RSSI also deployed a dedicated Stakeholder Liaison Officer who was tasked with engaging with those in the local community that were affected by the works and ensure any concerns were mitigated and resolved.

To meet the clients strict schedule, an E20 excavator with a timber grab was used to feed the ‘Bandit’ whole tree clipper. This led to a significant reduction in the number of days that the workforce was required to be onsite in this particular area.


Due to the extensive technical knowledge of the company’s Arborist teams, they were able to conduct side pruning and crown lifting on large mature Oax and Maple trees using aerial climbing and rigging techniques to achieve sighting and clearance, as required by the OS3998 standard.