``Our diverse and highly skilled workforce have extensive experience in the removal and installation of Level Crossing and Road Rail Access Point (RRAPS), resulting in an unrivalled reputation for quality, safety and reliability.``

Dave Bamford- Head of Road Rail Access Points and Level Crossings

Your Road To Safety

Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) and Level Crossings allow workers to gain access to the nearest work-site by road, without the problems of special routing, and protect the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, making them especially valuable to clients looking to enhance worktime objectives.


Rosehill’s panels are designed to be long in length, to reduce the number of crossing joints (the weakest point of a crossing) and improve platform stability. The panels are held in place using Turret’s which prevents the panel from slipping out of position. The panels have been developed to work in conjunction with Rosehill Safety Pin technology. This innovative device simply inserts into a panel to aid in lifting and then lowering the panel into place, and then tipped down towards the rail for easy final positioning.


The STRAIL access points have been specifically designed with interlocking panels that are tied together with full-length high-tensile steel rods and contain mineral grit, which provides a skid resistant surface. Additionally, they have been created to be durable and reliable under all kinds of loads and in all climates as well as being quick to install and remove, with little or no use of tools. This in return allows track maintenance work without lengthy traffic interruptions, even after long use.


The Timber RRAP’s structure conforms with the Network Rail Standards and is ideal for use within slow or relief lines, as well as sidings, making them perfect for access points. They are typically used within the industry for both foot-crossings and user worked crossings.

Each Timber RRAP is delivered to a bespoke specification so that each design meets the requirements of the specific project, meaning that upon installation the packing materials used will ensure the correct levels. These RRAPS have been developed to provide enhanced flexibility as a result of the semi-permanent nature of the product, in conjunction with a quick and easy installation.

Poly Safe Level Crossing

The Poly Safe level crossing utilises advanced manufacturing techniques to provide customers with a durable, long-lasting product that will meet the needs of the project now and into the future. The level crossing benefits from a rubber seal that completely insulates the steel frame of the panel, preventing short-circuiting. Furthermore, the products unique design allows for easy installation as well as providing customers with a solution that can be quickly removed and reinstated for all major and minor renewal works. The level crossings can also be used in conjunction with a Road Rail Access Points to provide ease of access.

The company’s dedicated level crossing installation teams have extensive experience in both deploying and the removal of the systems as well as providing visible white/yellow lines to increase safety.