RSS INFRASTRUCTURE (RSS) Limited, a subsidiary of Auctus Management Group Limited, are excited to announce that on the 21st September 2017 the company achieved a ‘Qualified by Audit’ status after achieving a 5-Star rating from Achilles RISQS following a successful OLE Construction Works & RRAPS audit.

Successful completion of the audit means that the company’s OLE Division can continue to deliver highly-skilled, professional personnel, including Safety Critical Staff. With access to a network of approved plant suppliers, the 5* rating illustrates the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that support clients who are undertaking new & existing works in numerous AC (OLEMI, Series 1, Series 2) and DC (Tramway and Railway 3rd Rail/ OLE) systems, as well as ancillary 11/33kV HC supply, site surveys and investigations and yard/ material management.

The company’s highly experienced personnel can assist with all aspects of project management, with teams designed to deliver numerous contract arrangements and processes. Customers can also benefit from a ‘one-stop’ solution that offers clients with exclusive access to a wealth of experience derived from our Safety Critical staff and our LOWS, ATWS & Signalling teams.

The audit also included an assessment of the company’s Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) division. This service allows workers to gain safe access to the nearest work-site by road, without the problems of special routing, and protect the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, making them especially valuable in emergencies

Key personnel from RSS worked in collaboration with the Achilles RISQS Auditors to ensure that the company passed with no non-conformances raised this in turn ensures customers are receiving a product/service that is delivered to an exceptional standard as well as being safe and reliable.