``We believe in building our business on people that are capable, competent, safe and trustworthy. Knowing our staff, and our strengths allows us to meet our clients’ needs and supply the right skills for the job. Our full time dedicated work force allows us to invest time and money into their continual professional development and progression at all grades. This is key to not only strengthening our business, but the quality of service we deliver to our clients.``

David Hersey- Head of Signalling

Success Stories

SMTH & G110 Support

We have full time dedicated staff with decades of experience of delivering SMTH works across all Network Rail routes. With staff based nationally we are able to support our clients’ requirements from Plain Line Renewals, High Output Renewals, and S&C Renewals to complex G110 works. As a customer focused business, not only do we ensure all of our staff have the right competence for each site, but also that they come fully equipped with all tools and equipment to deliver the works.To cater for works of all complexity we also provide Supervisors (qualified as G110 Author / Checker) from the planning stage all the way through to completion. This is to further simplify things for our clients while continuing the successful delivery of their works.


Our diverse skill sets and experience allow us to focus on all areas of Signalling works, not just renewals. We have staff who specialise in New Works, but also those who have experience in SMTH and S&C, which ideally positions us to deliver at all stages of a project. Our Signalling installation service caters for all types of New Works including; cable renewals, track circuit immunisation work, 4′ works, building new Locs, new REBs, SSI wiring as well as modifications to existing interlocking systems: both free wired and discrete manufacturers.


POE is an essential component to the functionality of the railway infrastructure and a crucial component of the skill sets we need to support our clients. Our staff are experienced in a range of POE, back drives and stretcher bars, allowing us to support complete builds, factory inspections, and commissioning handover. Combining this with our SMTH and installation skills we further add to our portfolio of Signalling delivery to ensure we can meet all of our clients’ needs.

Project Management & Consultancy

Our unrivalled reputation for excellence, innovation and our support network of senior team members lends itself to the delivery of high end support solutions, or complete fixed price projects delivery of all scales.Our package provides our customers with a dedicated management team who are experienced in supporting all stages of GRIP and IDC processes, undertaking feasibility reviews, site surveys, asset condition reports and acting as Signalling CRE. In addition, by supplying Project Engineers, Supervisors, SMTHs, Team Leaders, Point Fitters, Installers and materials to truly deliver a turn key solution.

Our experience in delivering scalable solutions includes multi-discipline projects utilising our exclusive access to a wealth of experience derived from our other Departments within RSS for Safety Critical Labour, Track Warning Services, OLE, RRAPS and Level Crossings, Civils and Devegetation.

IRSE Licensing

In order to better serve our clients we have invested extensively in developing our workforce through continuous training. This includes having our own in-house IRSE accredited assessors, this means that you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our personnel have been trained and mentored to the highest standards. We are also able to offer this as a service to our clients meaning that they can benefit from a comprehensive solution that meets all of their projects requirements.

Delivery Support

Surrounding our ethos of effectively supplying the correct staff for the job is the assurance that comes from our technical support that is available 24/7, 365 to staff and clients. This service means that any issues are dealt with quickly ensuring peace of mind for our staff on the ground and our clients who we deliver alongside.Our continued successful delivery comes from using experienced managers to understand all our clients’ needs on a long-term scale. It is essential we understand the works for the next shift, but also what works are coming up in the future and when. Our investment in training not only progresses our staff but is also targeted to equipment or skills that our clients tell us they need.

The structure of our business allows us to deliver scalable multi-discipline projects, but this wider support is available to our clients for all levels of work; arranging materials, equipment, plant, additional staff or anything else we need to, even at short notice.
We are here to deliver a good service, time and time again.

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