Close Calls are a measure that enables the company to monitor any unsafe act or unsafe condition that may of resulted in an accident, personal injury, damage to property or equipment.

This system has been mandated by Network Rail as a reporting mechanism to encourage and support contractors in implementing and conducting themselves in line with safe work practices.

In order to ensure that we are continuously improving our safety record the company actively reviews all Close Call data and employ ‘Close Call Champions’ whose job it is to advocate the use of the close call system as well as instil positive safety behaviours within members of our workforce. To assist contractors in being able to provide us with accurate information regrading any incident that happens whilst out on track we have created a number of different communications channels.

Close Call Cards


Close Call cards are available from the office or within the RSS vans.

close call cards close call cards



Contractors/Employees can also notify our compliance team of any ‘Close Call’ by emailing our dedicated email address, due to the nature of email this service is not anonymous. If the Contractor/Employee wishes to preserve their anonymity we suggest that they either fill in a ‘Close Call Card’ which can be found either in the office / RSS vans or use the mobile phone application.

Mobile Phone Applications


RSS INFRASTRUCTURE have created a dedicated mobile phone application that is available from either the Apple App Store or on Google Play by searching for “RSS INFRASTRUCTURE”. If the user has either a Blackberry or Windows phone we have created a web application that provides users with access to the ‘Close Call’ tool and can be found either by click on the below icons:

*Windows Phone users must bookmark the app in their browser for future use.

The application enables users to anonymously send ‘Close Call’ data, including images, directly to our Compliance team who can then react accordingly.

Network Rail have created a number of videos that highlight illustrate the importance of reporting near misses, close calls, accidents and incidents on track.

Network Rail Safety Film
Safety Incidents
Network Rail Safety Film
hit or miss

Safety Awareness Campaign