``RSSI has embedded safety practices and principles into all aspects of the business. This philosophy has resulted in the company investing heavily in TWS (Track Warning Systems) technology to ensure that we can offer our clients the most appropriate protection methods tailored to their needs.``

Jason Fidoe - Head of Track Warning Services

Automatic Track Warning System – Saving Lives Everyday

Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS) provides advanced warning of approaching trains to work groups operating within a Protected Area; this will be identified on the ATWS design plan. These sites are usually static and can cover several lines and junctions.

Depending on the required warning time, the ATWS is designed to work with strike in/strike out treadles secured to the track at pre-design locations within the track. The standard audible/visual warning is activated when trains pass over the “Strike in” Treadle. The warning remains on until automatically deactivated by the same train passing over the “Strike Out” Treadle and cancels the warning.

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Semi-Automatic Track Warning System – Intelligent Design

Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems (SATWS) is a new innovation to the Track Warning System product range. Now fully approved for Open Line and ALO working and is exclusively available from RSS.

The systems intelligent design and functionality allows for an advanced, automatic warning of approaching trains direct to your workforce, where and when you need it. It is called Semi-Automatic as trains are detected using the treadle, this also removes the need to run cables. Trains are then cancelled manually as they clear the worksite by the SATWS Controller. Having the automatic announcement removes the external influences of fatigue and personnel issues that may be present when using the Lookout method of warning currently deployed. The simplicity of the Semi-Automatic system makes it flexible and reliable for most tasks carried out on today’s infrastructure allowing for safe and controlled access when needed.

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Lookout Operated Warning Systems – Your Lifeline

Transient Worksites
Lookout Operated Warning System provides an advanced warning of approaching trains via a Radio Graphic signal.

RSS INFRASTRUCTURE are the leading provider of mobile lookout warning systems covering the UK infrastructure. Our mobile patrolling teams are ideal for transient work sites such as patrolling, surveying and T-22 walkouts. The system ensures that the work group are protected throughout the shift by the LOWS controller, who at all times remains within close proximity of the work group, ensuring maximum safe-productivity on site.

The LOWS system can be used in many red zone prohibited areas resulting in increased productivity for our clients.

Static Worksites
If you need to provide an audible and visual warning to a widely spaced work group then our LOWS systems can help, designed to provide a simultaneous announcement covering up to a 1000m worksite.The system is approved to SIL4, which increases the dependability of the system. By placing announcement devices along the edge of the worksite they are unobtrusive yet provide a significantly louder and better visual notification than un-assisted lookout is capable of whilst also being higher up the safety hierarchy comparison. The system can be used during the hours of darkness and used in section 61 noise abatement areas as the system is approved for solely a visual warning during night time working.Many of our clients demonstrate their commitment to workforce safety by using the LOWS in conjunction with site warden warning.

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